Monday, June 2, 2014

Here Goes Nothing...

It's time to finally delete "under construction." Should I be nervous to make my first post? No. Am I? Yes. Why you may ask? This is the very basis of everything I have worked so hard to create. The countless number of hours I have spent trying to perfect the layout. The hours I have spent on Photoshop creating my banners, side bar titles, etc. That html/css, oh boy, we meet again. I have forgotten everything about you.

But anyway, here I am, and I'm happy with it...for now.

So onto the basis of what this will all be about. I started this blog for myself. It was originally my wedding website from last year, but since that's all done and over with I thought I would transition it into what I am really interested in. My husband and I just bought our second home, I am out of school for the summer, and I have plenty of projects to do, and I really want to document it all. I could have done this all on my own, but why not share it with everyone? If I could inspire one person then that is enough for me. I will be posting some DIY projects, random home things, maybe a little bit about hair or makeup, and shoot, whatever other things come to my mind.

I can't wait to start this journey, so stay tuned!

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