I loved my first home. It was a fantastic starter home and perfectly livable from day one, but it just didn't have my taste (which is perfectly normal). The previous owner's grandmother owned a wallpaper business, so you know what that means. Every. single. room. had wallpaper (except one). Over the two and a half years we lived there you can see the huge transformation.

This was by no means our "dream home," but we did improvements to get us by until then.

I apologize ahead of time for the awful quality. These are old pictures that I dug off my hard drive and unfortunately there's no going back and taking better pictures now! The quality really is embarrassing.

Enjoy :)

Here is the front. I have a love-hate relationship with storms. This time the hail happened to help us purchase new siding.

When you walked in the front door you could see straight to the back of the house from living room to dining room to kitchen. Here is the before....(got grape vines?)

& after...

Here was the first bathroom we tackled...I liked to call it the "Palm Tree Bathroom."

Here is the spare bedroom...It was cute, but we have no children, therefore we had no need for a baseball themed bedroom.

Here's our bedroom. You know, one thing that I really just don't enjoy doing are bedrooms. I'm not sure why. They bore me. Hense NOTHING on the walls (oops).

Here is the bathroom off of our bedroom. This was one of my favorites!

Lastly was our backyard. I loved the patio that my husband built. It was my own little domain.

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